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House — Sea, Adriatic Coast

ima1407    Italia, Marche, Senigallia

Euro 1 250 000



The history of the construction of the house dates back to the second half of the nineteenth century while in the following years it was built a new construction used to store the agricultural tools and used as shelter for animals. The third building, that is also the most recent one, was used for the drying and the storage of the tobacco. In the main house lived the factor which formerly managed the land of a noble Roman family. In the half of the 90 years and the work of restoration was completed in absolute accordance with the laws regarding the artistic heritage, maintaining exactly the architectural exterior plant of the three buildings. The house has been projected as Main residence, the first outbuilding is the structure to receive guests while the second annex is organized as a great space to celebrate anniversaries or birthdays. The total surface of the main house is 384sq.m., of the first dependence – 60sq.m., of the second dependence – 46sq.m. The garden is about 3900sq.m. Distance from the sea -3 km, from the nearest airport - 25 km, from a port - 7 km, from a railway station - 6 km. More information is on request.


  • Dependance


  • 25 km Airport
  • 3 km Sea


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House ima1407