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Vineyard — Piemonte

ipi1621    Italia, Piemonte, Monferrato

Euro 4 000 000




This property has a unique position – on a hill about 450 m above sea level, 15 minutes from the motorway, 30 minutes from the sea and Genoa airport, 15 minutes from a golf course with two 18-hole courses, 15 minutes from a natural thermal spa and 45 minutes from Milan and Milan Linate. The entire property is fenced and ensures total privacy.

Description of the property 

The property consists of a main house, a large, newly renovated barn and a villa of the custodian / farmer with an independent studio. All finishes are of high quality and the property is in perfect condition. 

The main house has three floors as well as an underground floor for a total of about 600 m2 with 7 bedrooms and 7 bathrooms. 

On the underground floor, there is an old cellar used as a room for playing (with a pool table). On the ground floor, there is a large modern kitchen with a double fridge equipped with an ice dispenser, a large living-room with a fireplace, a room (used as an office), a laundry room, and a guest bathroom. In the centre there is a wide staircase that connects all the upper floors. The building is equipped with an internal lift that arrives at all floors. On the first floor, there is another large living-room with a fireplace, and four double bedrooms, each of which is equipped with an en suite bathroom and a walk-in closet + a single bedroom. From the first floor there is an access to a terrace and the adjacent barn. On the top floor, there is a main bedroom with a large en suite bathroom and a walk-in closet and a terrace with panoramic views + another adjacent double bedroom. 

The barn of about 240 m2 is set up as a dining and banquet area with a large central brazier. It has a fully equipped kitchen and a comfortable living-room. The barn brings you to a very large terrace with a panoramic view over most of the property. 

The caretaker's house of about 220 m2 has a kitchen, three double bedrooms, a living-room with a fireplace, and two bathrooms. In addition to the ground floor, there is a studio with a double bedroom and an en suite bathroom. 

The property is also equipped with a heated pool of about 80 m2 with panoramic views of the vineyards. 

A large garden surrounds the building with a vast lawn and flower beds with beautiful flowering plants. There is also an orchard, a vegetable garden and a chicken coop. There are two other very large premises dedicated to wine-making (the first one is dedicated to all agricultural machinery, including two tracked tractors and a wheeled one and the second premise is a large cellar dedicated to wine making). 

Plots of land 

The plots of land spread over about 13 ha, 6 ha of which are the vineyards of Dolcetto d’Ovada, 5 ha are a forest and 2 ha are of agricultural purpose. 

Produced wines 

The produced types of wine are Dolcetto di Ovada (about 20,000 bottles per year), Timorasso Derthona (about 10,000 bottles per year), Piemonte Cortese (about 7,000 bottles per year), and Piemonte Rosato (about 7,000 bottles per year). The wine which is not bottled is sold in bulk. They are thinking to start the commercialization of Nebbiolo too, because it is in demand. 

Description of wines 

In the heart of Monferrato among the gentle hills of Cremolino with its fifteenth-century Malaspina castle, there are the vineyards of Cascina i Turri. Small wooded spots alternate with soft hills of white soils where the delicate touches of the sun contrast with the green colour of the vine and the dark red of the ripe bunches of grapes. Timeless atmosphere, uncontaminated spaces, an expression of prosperity are the particular characteristics of this place. 

Dolcetto d'Ovada 

The vineyards extend for 6 hectares across the hills exclusively dedicated to the production of Dolcetto di Ovada D.O.C., the particularity of which is that it comes from white lands in a variety of “red stalks”. From this curious combination there comes an excellent label: Rosso del Console, which takes its name from the Honorary Consul of Hungary Albert Frank, a great wine lover who began this activity 15 years ago. Dolcetto is being grown with the respect of traditions and quality – aspects that justify its limited production. 

Timorasso Derthona 

Timorasso is a native sort of vine of the province of Alessandria. It is made of white berries of high quality, grown mainly in the Curone, Grue, Ossona and Val Borbera valleys, in an area where the vine finds a valid “habitat” thanks to the land caressed by the sunshine and sheltered from the winds. Its high-quality production is very limited. The resulting wine of good structure is very popular among gourmets; it belongs to the last generation of the “whites” of the province of Alessandria despite its ancient origin. It is one of the very few whites destined to improve with aging. 

Piemonte Cortese 

It is still, fresh wine which is pleasantly mineral and slightly fruity to be consumed preferably at a temperature of 8-10°C. 

Piemonte Rosato 

Young, fresh wine that has a slightly floral notes with a pleasant fruity taste with hints of raspberry and cherry. This wine is to be consumed preferably at a temperature of 10-12°C.


  • Terrace
  • Fireplace
  • Warm floor
  • Lift


  • Park
  • Pool
  • Dependance
  • Garage / Parking
  • Barbecue area
  • Wineyard
  • Fruit garden


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