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Investment project, Vineyard — Sea, Tuscany Coast

ito2427    Italia, Toscana, Bolgheri

Euro 8 500 000



The Company is locate in the DOC Bolgheri area, and has a total surface of 8 hectares, in the flat area, with an old farmhouse and other buildings for a total surface of 1.130 sq.m.


The buildings are all in very good condition, the Farmhouse restored with typical Tuscan finishes.

The property is 5 km from the residential area of Castagneto Carducci and 9 km from Bolgheri Village, it enjoys great access through 400 meters of country road. The property is equipped with electricity, public water, LPG gas heating, well, external

lighting system.

- sqm. 550, Tuscan Farmhouse on two levels, apartment and cellar on first floor, warehouse and tasting room with agricultural

annex used as dpendance, on ground floor.

- sqm. 270 winemaking cellar

- sqm. 300 warehouse space

- sqm. 220 canopy used as warehouse


Total surface of 8 hectares located in the heart of the DOC BOLGHERI area, in flat area:

7.40 hectares cultivated with DOC Bolgheri wineyard

0.60 hectares of tare, uncultivated, road and resede

The vineyards are all registered on the Bolgheri Consortium, all of them are in full production since they were planted in the year 2000.

Vineyards with planting pattern, 1.80 mt for 0.8 mt. with 7000 plants for hectare, the red vineyards are bred on pruned-spur cordon-trained while the whites on guyot and are conducted in traditional farming.


The company has a production capacity of:

n ° 10,000 bottles of Bolgheri Superiore DOC, sold at €.13 for bottle

n ° 27,000 bottles of Bolgheri DOC, sold at €. 8 for bottle

n ° 4,000 bottles of Bolgheri Rosato DOC, sold at €. 5 for bottle

n ° 8,000 bottles of IGT Toscana Rosso, sold at €. 5 for bottle

n ° 3,000 bottles of IGT Tuscana Syrah, sold at €. 13 for bottle

n ° 7,000 bottles of IGT Toscana Bianco, sold at €. 7 for bottle


The company is complete with oenological equipment including bottling system and agricultural equipment, all suited to the company's production. In the sale are included wine bottles - bottled and bulky - of the last years (corresponding to 2 year and half), the quantities will be quantified when the sale is completed.

Equipment - Complete and efficient

Brand - Great, known in Italy and abroad, present in Asia, the United States, Europe and North Europe.


  • Terrace


  • Wineyard


  • 5 km Nearest town


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Investment project, Vineyard ito2427