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This unique real estate object is located in a picturesque place, only 20 minutes away from the seashore, and has the greatest value from both architectural and historical points of view.

The villa has an area of 2,200 m2 and is surrounded by a century-old park of 10 hectares. This villa was projected and built in the second half of the 16th century. Initially, the building belonged to the aristocratic dynasty Alliat, in 1840 it became the property of the princes Corsini, and then – of the Pozzo di Borgo family, Napoleon’s distant relatives.

The building got its present architectural form in the 17th century, when two side wings were added to the central building, decorated with a covered gallery with five arches of the Tuscan order. These wings form a large courtyard, separated by an impressive gate from the park.

The internal structure and decoration conceal the elements of the trompe-l’oeil style which in French means optical illusion. The exterior frescoes and the painting of the enclosed balcony were fulfilled by famous artists, including Luigi Ademollo. The “Festive salon” fully decorated with frescoes of the famous painter, with ceiling coffers in a frame of high-grade gold, is connected with the “Music Hall” and can hold up to 120 seats. The incredible beauty of “The Grotto of Neptune” and “The Hall of Frescoes of the 16th century” are designed for more than 200 people.

On the second and third floors there are 8 spacious suites, decorated with exquisite elegance. Among them, the prestigious and discreet “Wedding suite” with a romantic four-poster bed, the charming “Pozzo di Borgo” suite, which boasts of the unique pastoral atmosphere, as well as the spacious and sophisticated “Campiglia” suite, are especially noteworthy.

Historical apartment units “La Torretta”:

This splendid neo-gothic building, designed in the trompel’oeil style, looks like a medieval castle. The building is drowned in greenery and is located in a park of 10 hectares, about 600 meters away from the villa. The entrance to all the 6 apartments is from the courtyard.

The apartment units include a kitchen with a dining room, a living room, a bedroom and a bathroom. There are also a chapel and a tower in the middle of century-old trees and magnolias. A brook with spring water crosses the park forming the only waterfall named “The Unicorn’s Waterfall” for its incredible beauty and flows further to a magic nook of the garden called “Elves’ Forest”. In the residence there is also a church dedicated to Saint Charles where you can admire the allegorical work of art “Christ delle Molina”.

In total, the property has 20 bedrooms and 22 bathrooms. Besides, on the territory of the complex there is a separate building for the staff and a guest house designed in the Tuscan style.


  • Dependance
  • Fruit garden


  • 10 km Nearest town
  • 17 km Airport
  • 25 km Sea


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