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Investment project, Vineyard, Farm/Agritourism — Umbria

ium1477    Italia, Umbria, Montefalco

Euro 14 000 000




In the middle of Umbria, between Assisi and Spoleto, the area with the controlled and guaranteed designation of origin Montefalco extends over gentle slopes. In this scenario characterized by gentle and green hills lies the Tenuta.

The Winery, born from the recovery of the Fortress of the XIVth century, produces excellent wines since 1984. For the construction of the structure it was necessary a restoration and a restructuring of the buildings that were included within the walls, and the construction of a new building for the installation of the machines and plants necessary for winemaking.

This last construction is completely new, it is located outside the walls and is connected to the historical medieval structure by a tunnel. It is adjacent to the vineyards (60 ha) which are located in the D.O.C. area of the Colli Martani and D.O.C.G. del Montefalco. A few steps from the residences, the winery is an almost magical place from which our guests can take guided tours and delight themselves with tasting the DOCG wines of Montefalco.                                   

Country Residences

The Residence is a journey in the journey. Through the pictorial suggestions of his apartments it is indeed possible to relive symbolically all the journeys of our memory, giving time a magical dimension.

The resort is located in a large park with a garden, whose avenues are adorned with trees and bushes of various species, all belonging to the local flora. At the center of the village, consisting of 18 apartments, the lotus-shaped swimming pool, with hydromassage and central fountain, the solarium and the coffee room, will give you an enchanting view of the soft Umbrian landscape.

The Standard apartment has a width of 25 to 40 square meters. It is equipped with a fully equipped kitchen, living room, bedroom and bathroom, heating, air conditioning, satellite TV, safe, telephone, bed linen and towels. 

The Superior type apartment has a width of 41 to 60 square meters. It is equipped with a fully equipped kitchen, living room, bedroom and bathroom, heating, air conditioning, satellite TV, safe, telephone, bed linen and towels.

The Residence organizes guided tours of the winery, with tasting of the DOCG wines of Montefalco and a visit to the vineyards.

Company Description

The Viti-Vinicola company was founded in 1984 on the initiative of the owner, who during his long experience in the world of antiques had caught the profound connection between artistic beauty, landscape harmony and local food and wine traditions.

In the Montefalco area, he identified the ancient cradle of grapevine and winemaking, introduced by the French Benedictines, but then lost after the mid-1500s. It was here that he wanted to replant vines with particular cultivation methods, in order to produce wines that have the fragrance of the scents of this land and the elegance of Gozzoli's paintings.

The interior of the Rocca, a fortification from the 14th century, was restored to create the evocative wine cellar, and buildings included within the walls were restored. A new building outside the walls is used as a wine-making facility and connected to the cellar via a modern tunnel.

The management of the vineyards and the cellar is now entrusted to the work of the sisters Roberta and Simona, who grew up in the family business, preserving the wisdom and taste of those who preceded them, with sensitivity and elegance to the finished product.

The company covers about 60 hectares with the plants being renovated, now almost complete. Plant renewal is actually a continuous process, which has been more intense in the last 5-8 years; the goal has always been to lay the foundations for the future company, which focuses on the production of Sagrantino, Montefalco Rosso and Colli Martani Grechetto. A brief report will also resume the production of Trebbiano Spoletino, already present in the company for a long time and widespread in the area.

The production is discounted by the Docg Montefalco Sagrantino, in the dry and passito versions, of the Doc Montefalco Rosso, MontefalcoRosso Riserva and Grechetto, and cotto of Faroaldo (50% Sagrantino 50% Cabernet Sauvignon) and a pure Chardonnay.

The annual production is around 150,000 bottles.

Production of grapes and quality wines: choice of life

The company is located to the east of the doc area of Montefalco, nestled in a gentle hill with variable exposure from area to area. The current organization and distribution of vineyard plots is the result of specific knowledge of soil and climate characteristics. And the study of these characteristics, in light of the consolidated oenological results, has guided the cultivation choices and the distribution of the varieties in the respective plots.

At the base of these choices there is the conviction that what in common thinking could be considered a detail, it is not for a company that believes in a conscious agriculture and in harmony with the natural system to which it belongs. In other words, in every phase of the viticultural production process, there is attention to the sustainability of the choices based on a more general objective called "balance"; balance that we try to reach between specialized plants and the natural context of reference, and the men and women who work and live in it.

There is a conviction that what is beautiful is also good and that the refinement of optimized and less invasive management techniques is the only and right compromise able to make the entrepreneur, the worker, the visitor smile together. .man and nature.

Enhancement of experiences

The balance and elegance of the wines obtained are the result of some design choices aimed at the integration of multiple components that give complexity and balance to the wines themselves. In other words, concentrating the plants in the most suitable areas for each single variety yields a good selection capacity in the harvest phase in order to obtain homogeneous masses of must able to compose an interesting and balanced overall picture.

For red wines and in particular for Sagrantino, the aim is to produce well-ripened grapes capable of expressing a good structure. It is pointed, that is to obtain sweet and not too astringent peels with complex tannins able to confer further roundness to the wine.

For this reason we do not limit ourselves to merely containing production within the limits of fairness and equilibrium, but we intervene integrally with balanced nutrition plans and with canopy management interventions capable of enhancing and softening the characteristics of the vineyard.

Research and new goals

The company has been engaged for some time in researching and testing new varieties and vine clones to be included in the list of authorized varieties in Umbria. In fact, about 5 hectares have been made with the Petit Verdot, Arinarnoi, Nieluccio varieties as well as Merlot and Cabernet Sauvignon clones which act as baton vines.

The vine is placed on a difficult and poorly watery soil, of medium-low fertility, well sheltered from the cold currents. The resulting productions are interesting and have been microvinification tests at the experimental center in Orvieto for about 3 years.

The art of wine

In this land where the rows of vines "married" to the elm have for centuries designed the hilly landscape dotted with churches, farmhouses and abbeys, the grapes were protected with the utmost severity, for the importance they had in the economy of this land, as documented in the statutes that came to us in their last revision of 1424.

Today, in a nature that still preserves the typical characteristics of the Umbrian culture and landscape, far from sources of pollution, the cellar has the privilege to vinify exclusively the grapes produced in the Company's vineyards: grapes that can be processed as soon as they are picked thanks to the union of vineyard and cellar.

In addition to the unique opportunity to be able to use modern technologies to serve tradition and to be able to refine their wines in a naturally thermo-controlled environment, in optimal conditions.


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  • Park
  • Pool
  • Garage / Parking
  • Wineyard


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Investment project, Vineyard, Farm/Agritourism ium1477