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Property management

It is very important to have someone reliable who takes care of your holiday home when you are away and act on your behalf by actively checking your property and performing regular maintenance.

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Property Finders Service

This service is particularly interesting for those who appreciate quality, money saving and time. The Property Finders is a professional innovative tool that helps you find the property of your dream.

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Italy: influence of coronavirus pandemic on real estate market

Survey by of more than 18 thousand users: home remains a safe haven and less than one out of three people (31.2%) thinks to postpone property purchase.

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Have you ever heard of buying with the RENT WITH REDEMPTION mode?

This is a contract under which the owner rents a property (for residential, commercial or land use) recognizing the tenant the possibility of purchasing the property at an agreed price within an agreed period…

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Milan - pleasure and advantage

Dolce Vita yesterday, today and always 

Milan is facing a boom in real estate operations. All Italy is developing with its temperate pace and only Milan, as a rebellious teenager, is eager to demonstrate not only to the entire country but to the whole world how successful…

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Moscow International Emigration & Luxury Property Expo 2018

A conference and exhibition on investment immigration and international high-end real estate

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OPEN HOUSE Palazzo Estate 2018

What is OPEN HOUSE? 

Open house is welcome days when everyone can come at a certain time and have a look in detail at a house or an apartment which are for sale. You can see several estate objects in a district you prefer or schedule a private visit at a convenient time for…

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4 reasons to buy property on Lake Maggiore

All Europe is for visiting but Italy is for living", wrote N.Gogol. Small and cosy towns, spread out on the shores of Lake Maggiore and impregnated with a long history, have always attracted aesthetes and travellers, who often stayed there forever inspired by the charm of the area. Having discovered…

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Italy is adopting a substitute tax to the foreign income

The State Tax Service. Public Relations Department.

For the attention of new residents! Italy is adopting a substitute tax to the foreign income. The State Tax Service has prepared instructions for persons wishing to transfer their tax residency to Italy.

The State Tax Service has…

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