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4 reasons to buy property on Lake Maggiore

All Europe is for visiting but Italy is for living", wrote N.Gogol. Small and cosy towns, spread out on the shores of Lake Maggiore and impregnated with a long history, have always attracted aesthetes and travellers, who often stayed there forever inspired by the charm of the area. Having discovered this paradise, one forever remains fascinated and in love with breathtaking landscapes, colours, unique taste of local dishes and air filled with music and captivating fragrances.

A chain of small towns, a year-round symphony of flowers and scents, constellations of abbeys and ancient monasteries — this is all about unique Lake Maggiore.

Fabulous mild climate, high living standards, an opportunity to be a part of history buying a historic villa are only few of numerous reasons why property purchase on the lake is a burning desire of many people.

You’ll be amazed with the abundance of porcini mushrooms and rich fauna. Each locality holds a gastronomic surprise, every village can boast of typical products and wine cellars open for tasting. Those who keep a healthy lifestyle will be happy about golf courses and numerous riding arenas.

Recently, the demand has been higher than supply on the market, which leads to a gradual reduction of prices. Potential buyers are bargaining hard, and those objects are sold, the sellers of which have agreed on a significant discount. It’s time to make profitable investments!

When buying, you should consider the liquidity position of the acquired property: location, view, architectural features (historic villas will always be in demand), the possibility of profitable rent, etc. We closely follow the latest market trends and offers and always try to find the most lucrative objects for our clients’ investment. Potential buyers should pay attention to a wide range of very interesting and worthy objects, currently introduced to the market of Lake Maggiore. We are aware that tastes and requests are very diverse.

Some buyers like villas of the neoclassic and liberty styles with spacious parks and century-old trees. The unpleasant issue in this case is the cost of restoration which sometimes is equal to the price of the property.

Young couples prefer modern buildings of the minimalistic style which are quite rare on the lake. New apartment units in residential complexes with a park and a pool are very popular at the moment.

However, everyone has the same fundamental requirements to the property: a beautiful view of the lake and preferably of islands, privacy, distance from railways and highways, spacious rooms and terraces.

The most desired towns on the western coast of Lake Maggiore are undoubtedly Stresa and Baveno thanks to their romantic promenade and proximity of the islands. Besides, they are well connected with highways, Malpensa international airport and Italy’s fashion capital — Milan. The eastern coast of the lake also offers a rich variety of beautiful property. There is no any unified price policy since each object is unique. On average, prices vary from 3 to 5 thousand per m2 reaching 10 thousand per m2 for the property at first coastline.

Another important issue of property purchase is the relative simplicity of the transaction. To acquire property in Italy, it is not obligatory, unlike some other countries, to register a company or launch business. Property gives the right to its owner to get the multi-entry visa and to stay in Italy up to 180 days a year. A Russian citizen can purchase, sell or rent property as a private person.