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Have you ever heard of buying with the RENT WITH REDEMPTION mode?

This is a contract under which the owner rents a property (for residential, commercial or land use) recognizing the tenant the possibility of purchasing the property at an agreed price within an agreed period of time, attributing to the price the part of rent specified in the contract.

One part of the rent will represent the consideration for the enjoyment of the property (rent) and another part will represent a down payment on the price of the future sale!

It is also possible to decide to deduct from the price each fee in full without making any differentiation.

The guarantees:

Transcription with protection extended to 10 years (maximum limit) if the contract is carried out with the intervention of the notary. There is protection for the tenant in case of bankruptcy or death of the seller or in the event that the property is mortgaged or foreclosed.

Advantages for owners:

- allows you to have the guarantee of the sale price of the property: taking into consideration the fluctuation of the market, you have the possibility to block the sale price even if there should be further negative declines;

- allows you to remain the owner of the property!

- in case of arrears you will be able to avoid the eviction procedure. Just start the property release procedure, which in many cases is much faster and less expensive than the eviction procedure;

Advantages for the tenant:

- at the end of the period established in the contract there is no obligation to purchase the property. If you realize that you are unable to deal with the purchase, you can decide to exempt yourself from the notarial deed: the only consequences will be the loss of the amounts previously paid.

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