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OPEN HOUSE Palazzo Estate 2018

What is OPEN HOUSE? 

Open house is welcome days when everyone can come at a certain time and have a look in detail at a house or an apartment which are for sale. You can see several estate objects in a district you prefer or schedule a private visit at a convenient time for you and according to your budget in a comfortable “tour” style and get detailed information. During the OPEN HOUSE event, we offer refreshing drinks and wine of the local producer Tenuta La Giaia to our guests. You can also taste typical Ligurian dishes. 

In the summer of this year, our company chose one of the best places in Italy – on the coast of Liguria that at the beginning of the 20th century received the romantic name Golfo dei Poeti which means Gulf of Poets. What was so attractive to us in this place? Probably the same things that attracted and fascinated artists, writers and poets all over the world. We would like to mention some famous people of art who in the past centuries admired this place, depicted it in their works, lived on this land temporarily or permanently: George Byron (a rocky bay in Porto Venere called Cape Byron and well-known around the world), David Herbert Lawrence , Virginia Woolf, Charles Dickens, Henry James, Dante Alighieri and others. William Turner, a famous English landscape painter, painted his journey across Italy, inspired by the views of La Spezia. 

Sandro Botticelli is believed to have depicted this place in his painting “The Birth of Venus”. 

George Sand, a French writer and playwright, often stayed there. The villa, in which the English writer Percy Bysshe Shelley stayed, is still called “Villa Shelley”, although the villa was built in the 16th century and has the historical name “Magni”. This villa is located on the seafront in San Terenzo and is currently divided into several apartments. On the ground floor there is a small Boutique Hotel. The penthouse of this villa of 220m2 is now for sale. You can have a look at this object on our website (the referent number REF 000777). 

Emma Orczy, a modern writer, is building a house in Lerici and has already lived there for several years. 

The great Italians of whom the Golfo dei Poeti is proud are the writer and scholar Paolo Mantegazza, the artist Oreste Carpi, the poets Gabriele D’Anunzio and Philippe Marinetti also couldnàt help admiring this fabulous place. 

Matio Soldati, a writer, screenwriter and director, has his splendid villa on the seafront in Tellaro. This villa is the perfect refuge for a creative person (information about the villa and photos can be provided on request). The journalist Idro Montanelli lived in the village of Punta Bianca, Montemarcello, descending to the sea. Several houses are currently for sale in this village. The poet and journalist Giovanni Giudici was born in Le Grazie (Porto Venere), lived in Tellaro and then sold his house to one of the greatest poets of the 20th century, Atillio Bertolucci, a father of famous directors Bernardo and Giuseppe Bertolucci. 

Every stone, every house has signs of history. Unlike other areas of Liguria, life goes on as usual, slowly and majestically at the same time. The main character of these places is nature: rocks, palm trees and flowers, the sea and the sky - there are so many landscapes that inspire poets and artists, and people of our generation just can’t stop taking pictures as everything is so beautiful and fantastic that you don't want to miss any single detail. You simply don’t want to leave these places. 

   Therefore, many of us think that it would be a great idea to buy an apartment or a house there to have a chance to go out of the house barefoot and plunge into this crystall sea of the emerald-turquoise colour. 

We offer you the unique real estate objects of this area – from Porto Venere to Lerici and Tellaro. 

La Calette is a bay to which private property of several exclusive villas and camping MARALUNG have access. 

Eco Del Mare is a unique beach club with 7 rooms and a restaurant. A few meters from it, a wonderful two-storey house of Baron Openheimer is for sale. The house of more than 500m2 was built at the beginning of the 19th century and has a modern deep pool and a unique view of the bay. 

Fiascherino is a place of some small hotels and restaurants with traditional Ligurian cuisine. Several apartments and a house are for sale. 

Tellaro was a town of sailors. Today, it is a unique picturesque place where life is calm, where children still play outdoors and dive into the sea from a cliff. Virtually from every window and terrace of a house or restaurant, the whole bay is visible up to Porto Venere, which is known not only for its distinguished guests, but also because Venus as the guiding light always shines over it – the first star of the evening sky. Looking at it, travellers easily find their beach and their home in Porto Venere (we also offer apartments and houses located on the seashore). 

All the real estate objects we offer to buy or rent are united by the same feeling – as if you were on a big yacht and sailing on the sea enjoying the wind, the sky, the sea and the sense of freedom. If gives you a chance to escape from the hustle and bustle of Moscow or London, to be face-to-face with nature, and at the same time to quickly and comfortably reach local commercial centres such as Sarzana, La Spezia, Lerici and San Terenzo. These are classic Ligurian resort centres. They have a developed infrastructure, hold festivals and various events, workshops of cooking or concerts of classical music. The nearest airports are Pisa and Genoa. Parma is 100 km away, Milan – 250 km, Lugano (Switzerland) –  350 km. 

The Italians and especially the Ligurians are true fans of the sea. Since there are many sailors, fishermen or just lovers of all types of water transportation, each village has its own port, and the size and number of boats depend only on the size of the harbour. 

Canoes and wooden boats of all colors of the rainbow are moored to Telaro. 

La Spezia is a city with private ports, where there are a lot of traditional sailing ships, like in Porto Lotti or Porto Mirabello, where you can see yachts up to 60 and even 180 meters. The port itself is basically a city, in which, in addition to restaurants and a swimming pool, you can find tennis courts and SPA.

In Porto Lotti there are 5 world-class shipyards: Sanlorenzo, Ferretti Group, Baglietto, Perini Navi e Fincantieri. 

Since one of the media partners of our project is PLMagazine, in the latest issue of the magazine you can read an article on this topic – “THE CLUBHOUSE OF LA SPEZIA GULF’S MOST IMPORTANT DOCKYARDS”. You can also read this article on the website, in the section “PLM magazine”. 

Check the calendar of our events.

In the ESTATE - 2019 season, we organise an OPEN BOAT event for our regular customers in La Spezia – Porto Lotti and in Sardinia –Poltu Quatu. We will invite you to special evenings and welcome days providing you with a tour of both the winged sailing beauties and motor yachts, striking in their number of floors, size and of course the deluxe finish. The yacht is like a multi-storey building where all family members and numerous guests can be comfortably accommodated. 

Would you like to see houses or unusual yachts amd to know these places better? Email us on the Palazzo Estate website. The OPEN HOUSE event opens the doors of the best houses on the coast of Liguria, many of which have the stamp “TOP SECRET”, considering the maximum privacy of owners and buyers. We also offer investment projects “Boutique hotel”, “Apart Hotel” with an estimated annual profit of up to 10%. 

You can see all the real estate objects in Forte dei Marmi, on the lakes of Como and Garda, Lugano and other places on our website.