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Privacy policy

  1. Any information transmitted by the Parties to each other while using resources of the website is confidential.

  2. The user gives permission to the Administration of the website to collect, process and store their personal data, as well as to send text and graphic information of an advertising nature.

  3. The Parties shall comply with this agreement regulating legal relations related to the establishment, modification and termination of confidentiality regarding personal information of the Parties and are not permitted to disclose confidential information to third parties.

  4. The Administration of the website collects two types of information about the User:
  • personal information which the User revealed to the Administration of the website with the aim of using website’s resources;
  • technical information automatically collected by the website’s software when the website is being visited. When the User visits the website, the technical support automatically get access to information from server logs. It includes User’s IP-address (or the proxy server if it is used to access the Internet), the name of the Internet provider, the domain name, the type of a browser and operating system, information about a website from which the user arrived on this website, the pages of the website visited by the User, the date and time of these visits, the files downloaded by the User. This information is analysed by the software in an aggregated (depersonalised) form for to analyse the website's traffic, and is used for its improvement and development. The connection between the IP address and the User’s personal information is never disclosed to third parties, if it is not required by the law of the country in which the User resides.
  1. The Administration of the website takes seriously the protection of the User’s personal data and never provides the User's personal information to anyone, except for cases when it is required by an authorised state body (for example, upon a written request of the court). All personal information of the User is used for communication, for a transaction concluded between the website’s Users through the resources of the website, for analysing the attendance of the website, for proposals for its improvement and development, and may be disclosed to other third parties only if the User permits it.

  2. The Administration of the Website protects the User’s personal data applying common security methods to protect information from loss, distortion and unauthorised distribution. Security is implemented by software network protection tools, access control procedures, the use of cryptographic information protection tools, and compliance with the privacy policy.

  3. The technology of users identification based on the use of cookies is implemented on the website. Cookies are quite small files saved on the User’s computer through the browser. The cookies files can be saved on the computer used the User to access the website. Later, they will be used for the automatic authorisation as well as for collecting statistical data, for example about the attendance of the website. The Administration of the website does not store personal data or passwords in cookies. The user has the right to prohibit the saving of cookies on the computer used to access the website, setting appropriately the browser. It should be considered that all services that use this technology may not be accessible.