For agents

Customer services

  • Consulting service on the issues of real estate purchase and sale and rental properties;
  • Selection of real estate objects according to the criteria of client’s request;
  • Viewings arrangement;
  • Logistics of real estate viewings;
  • Due Diligence of a real estate object (in accordance with the legislation in force);
  • Arrangement of the technical expert examination of a real estate object;
  • Complex transaction support at all stages (from the offer to purchase to the notarial act of execution of the deed of sale);
  • Assistance in obtaining the tax code (Codice Fiscale);
  • Assistance in opening a bank account;
  • Assistance in getting a mortgage loan;
  • Translation of documentation and interpretation services;
  • Assistance in transfers arrangement and hotels reservation.
  • STRATEGIC CONSULTING ON SYNERGY CREATION - Effective strategic consulting services on any issue related to the purchase or sale of the property, ranging from legal, tax and commercial issues to technical and aesthetic aspects. Expertise, creativity and innovation.

  • PROPERTY FINDER - Individual search to identify the best investment opportunities based on specific customer’s requirements. Profound knowledge of the most sophisticated and highly demanded real estate market in Italy. Screening and a wide range of proposals, feasibility studies and due diligence.


The Property Finders, a professional, innovative figure "Researcher of Properties" that operates to find the property of your dream.

The property finder was born in the U.S.A. in the 90's spreading to Great Britain and all over the world, Canada and France in particular.

In other countries it is called in different ways such as Home Hunter, Flat Hunter, Home Seeker, Property Finding, Property Hunter, the Italian translation is "Cacciatore di Immobili".

The Property Finder is an estate expert consulted by the customer to search properties with the required characteristics, to buy or to rent. His target is to look after the interests of his client and his specific, personalized requests.

Trusting in a Property Finder enables you to have access to a huge quantity of properties available in the market. Actually the consultant is able to access to many different types of buildings, also coming from auctions, estate agents, architects, land surveyors and engineers.

If you are looking for a property to buy but you don't know how to start, contact the innovative service of property finders.

This professional is particularly interesting for the clients who desire a quality service, saving money and time.


How a property finder works?

The property finder programmes a meeting at your place, he asks you detailed questions to understand your needs, expectations and preferences to identify the correct type of property, the services, the areas taking into consideration budget and time to achieve your project and property desire.

We will also analyze taxation, the family needs involving, where necessary, specialists.

The research will last as long as you are completely satisfied with the property proposal


Who is our potential buyer?

Our potential buyer is who: Has not time or desire to look for the property on his own or who has already tried without succeeding or who considers the research a hard work.

Wants to save money because spending time in an unknown activity is difficult and expensive. It will be also difficult set up a commercial negotiation when you are directly involved in it.

Fears the traps of the market, bureaucracy, laws not always clear.

Is looking for a professional who will be the only trusted partner who will be with him until the end of the business and even after.

Lives and works far away from the area of interest, is in a harry to find a solution, needs strict confidentiality.

Is really motivated to find a property that reflects his needs.


We start immediately taking into consideration all the opportunity the market offers to select the right one!

While we are searching your property you will be able to continue your activities and your life without problems.

The property finder will keep you updated with the research. As soon as he finds the right property you will make an inspection together.

When you have found the right property, the finder will start the cadastral, fiscal controls to set the right negotiation up to go on with the purchase in tranquility.